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Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt, Kaizen and More

The International Standard for Lean Six Sigma (ISLSS) offers training programs onsite, virtually, and hybrids of onsite and offsite. Courses include Lean Six Sigma White Belt, Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Kaizen Facilitator, Lean Six Sigma Project Sponsor, Lean Six Sigma Deployment Champion, Lean Six Sigma Executive Leader, and many more customized courses like Minitab, Design of Experiments, Statistical Process Control, Process Capability, Measurement System Analysis, Setup Reduction Method, Simple Lean Kaizen and Quick Wins, and many more.

    Free Business Process Management Training

    6th year running – BPM Live is back!

    For the 6th year running, the team at PEX Network has sought out the best thought leaders in the industry to provide the most relevant content at our flagship online event ‘BPM Live 2018’ 

    With over 2,000 attendees last year and positive feedback we are expecting to provide you with an even better complimentary online event between September 24 - 27.

    I am very pleased to invite you to join BPM Live 2018, where Peter Evans, Global Continuous Improvement Director at Lego will kick-start our sessions. Peter will guide you through Lego’s continuous improvement strategy by providing insight to turn strategy into fast results. 

    Thereafter, to guide you though an age of digital disruption, industry leaders in the ‘BPM’ space will share hand-picked case studies and presentations.

    With the rise of other technologies, many have questioned the relevance of BPM and whether it is now ‘dead’. As a team, we have found this to be greatly exaggerated, where in fact; BPM is very much alive and here to stay.

    BPM Live aims to teach the attendees about the evolving landscape of BPM, the benefits that it can provide, and some best practices for successful implementation into your business.

    Important themes that will be covered: 

    • BPM investment value – achieve marginal gain and productivity
    • Low-code or no-code BPM / importance of process mining
    • Embracing the integration of BPM with other technologies, like RPA & AI
    • Customer-centric process management

    We can’t wait for BPM Live to start and we hope to see as many of you there as possible!

    Aya Gharbawi
    PEX Digital
    Lets connect on LinkedIn 
    e-mail aya.gharbawi@pexnetwork.com

    Join the Featured Conversation on the Lean Six Sigma Group

    TWI Resources – Training Videos, Blogs, Podcasts, Events

    Gemba Academy has compiled links to various TWI resources onto a single webpage

    This page has links to the five TWI video training courses on Job Methods (JM), Job Relations (JR), and Job Instruction (JI), as well as relevant blog posts, podcasts, and events such as the Lean Frontiers TWI Summit.

    We also just added a new video series on how Texas Nameplate leverages lean to improve sustainability

    Not a Gemba Academy subscriber? Sign up for a 3 Day Trial to all 1500+ lean and six sigma online training videos!

    Our videos are not just bland “talking PowerPoints” – but professionally-produced studio-based courses with experienced lean and six sigma presenters, complete with supporting quizzes and downloads.

    In addition, our exclusive Gemba Academy Live! series has hundreds of videos shot on location at innovative organizations from around the world.

    Want more information or access to an even longer trial? Contact Gemba Academy here 

    Are You a Leader?

    I haven't met too many people who answer no to that question, however there are a lot of them that employees would not follow if their position didn’t require it, which equates to not truly being a leader. People willingly follow when they trust you and believe you have their best interests at heart. Being a leader is not determined by how many people serve you, but by how many people you serve.

    I’ve had the opportunity to lead both military and civilian organizations. The biggest difference between the two is the amount of training the military utilizes to grow leaders - they make every effort to mentor and develop young leaders. In the corporate world, we often hire people out of college or promote from within and don’t train or mentor, leading to a lack of leadership skills, problem solving expertise, and experience, just to name a few. The cycle should be to train, coach, and mentor. The result of failing to train people to be better supervisors and managers causes a multitude of issues that lead to poor relationships and attitudes between the people doing the work and the supervisors. This further leads to poor production as well as high turnover.

    Organizations put too much stock in short term gains and link change initiatives with economic results rather than long term, sustainable results. Some studies assert 50-70% of all change initiatives fail because change agents overlook the role front-line managers play in the success of the initiative. I still see managers and corporate leaders who blame the workforce for poor performance when ultimately there is a leadership problem.

    You’ll find many companies offering Lean Six Sigma training and consulting. At Lean Training and Consulting  we rely on proven methods and focus on the leadership aspect of your program so that you’ll attain sustainable results.

    Dr. Tom Lawless can be reached at tom@leantac.com or +1 (847) 502-6380

    About International Standard for Lean Six Sigma (ISLSS)

    Our Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts Provide Onsite and Online Lean Six Sigma Consulting, Training, Coaching, and Certification for Companies in groups of 15 - 30 at at time. 

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    What is Flevy

    We are the marketplace for premium business documents. By "premium,"​ we mean our documents are of the same caliber as those produced by top-tier management consulting firms, like McKinsey, Bain, Accenture, BCG, and Deloitte. In fact, we have ex-consultants from all these firms selling on Flevy. Furthermore, most of our documents were developed by seasoned executives and consultants with 20+ years of experience.

    Examples of the types of documents we have include business frameworks & methodologies, presentation templates, financial models, and more. In particular, we have a wealth of business frameworks. Business frameworks are in-depth business training guides—the same used by top global consulting firms when they deploy their consulting project teams to Fortune 500 companies.

    Leading source of business frameworks and methodologies

    Flevy is the leading provider of premium business documents (e.g. management frameworks, financial models, presentation templates). Our documents are of the same caliber as those produced by top tier consulting firms, like McKinsey, Bain, Accenture, BCG, and Deloitte. Most documents were developed by seasoned executives and consultants with 20+ years of experience.

    We have several thousand documents organized into Business Toolkits:
    Balanced Scorecard

    Process Improvement

    Growth Strategy

    Change Management

    Lean Management/Enterprise
    Supply Chain Analysis
    Performance Management

    Six Sigma Project
    Product Launch Strategy
    Marketing Plan Development
    Project Management
    Strategy Development
    Pricing Strategy
    Financial Modeling
    Strategic Planning

    Value Chain Analysis
    Financial Analysis
    Business Case Development
    Business Model Design
    Presentation Development
    Problem Solving
    Business Plan Development
    Cost Reduction Assessment
    Visual Workplace
    Strategy Deployment & Execution
    Quality Management & Assurance
    Product Strategy
    A.T. Kearney Documents
    Retail Strategy
    Strategic Sourcing
    A.T. Kearney Frameworks
    BCG Documents
    PMI (Post-merger Integration)
    Value Stream Mapping
    Consulting Frameworks
    Bain PowerPoint
    A.T. Kearney PowerPoint
    Focus Interviewing
    Workplace Productivity
    Communications Strategy
    Boston Consulting Group PowerPoint
    BCG Frameworks
    M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions)
    Meeting Facilitation/Management
    Accenture Frameworks
    Bain Presentations
    Booz Presentations
    Bain Templates

    Flevy was founded under the principle that companies waste a lot of time and money recreating the same foundation business documents. Our vision is for Flevy to become a comprehensive knowledge base of business documents. All organizations, from startups to large enterprises, can use Flevy. whether it's to jump-start projects, to find reference or comparison materials, or just to learn.

    Red Quadrant

    MEET THE ISLSS and RedQuadrant TEAM

    Steven Bonacorsi is an Executive Master Black Belt leading $ billion business transformation projects globally in multiple Industries. I am a leader who delivers results.

    Steven Bonacorsi provides onsite and online Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification for groups of 15 to 30 students. For virtual support, I use WebEx and can have up to 24 students at a time. For onsite, travel is not included in pricing, but i will work at keeping the travel costs as low as possible.

    Julien Hoez is an astute, concise and experienced, I have experience working in multiple countries and languages, both in communicative and administrative roles, as well as analytical roles.

    Julien Hoez is currently a journalist for the online magazine "Vocal Europe", where I discuss the political climate of the European Union by utilising my experience as a qualitative researcher.

    George Chinedu Ezeanaka is a hard-working, dedicated, talented and delightful young man; highly motivated, exceptionally well-organised and meticulous in my approach to all aspect of my work. As a confident independent learner, He possess an intellectual curiosity which sets me apart from many of my peers. He is exceptionally committed to personal and professional growth and development.

    This dedication to my continuous growth and development has equipped George with the skills to tackle the most demanding problems where he applies his knowledge and understanding to find solutions.

    Talk to Benjamin P. Taylor about the possibilities of being in, being a customer of, and leading your organisation; he believes in conversations.

    Benjamin P. Taylor is an adviser, consultant, coach, lecturer and speaker with wide experience in service organisations and local public service. He is excited by international, innovative, interesting opportunities.


    Steven Bonacorsi is a thought leader and community builder in the Lean Six Sigma discipline, I am grateful for all he has done to bring so many like minded professionals together

    Steven Bell LinkedIn Profile

    Steven Bonacorsi is an excellent manager. During my time working with him at General Electric, he consistently made himself available to mentor and support me during all phases of each Six Sigma project I was involved in.

    In addition, Steven has an in depth knowledge of the best practices involved in planning and implementing quality projects. Because of this managers at multiple accounts consistently looked to him to improve broken processes and technologies. They also recognized that he was an excellent teacher and looked to him to develop Six Sigma training plans. He enthusiastically took on these responsibilities and implemented programs like the Six Sigma Lunch and Learn where different phases of a DMAIC project were covered in detail. Everyone who worked with him enjoyed it.

    I highly recommend Steven as a manager, leader, and mentor.

    Michael Spofford, Data Professional

    Michael Spofford, Data Professional

    Steven Bonacorsi's network, knowledge and passion for Process Excellence is second to none and it is always a pleasure to work with him to build increased engagement across the industry. I first worked with Steven as a consultant at our annual Process Excellence Network events and awards programs in the US, and since then have gone on to form a strong relationship to further bring together the Lean Six Sigma Community. I look forward to this continued relationship and sharing ideas as the industry progresses.

    Megan James is the Managing Director Europe at Lean Methods Group

    Megan James
    Managing Director Europe at Lean Methods Group

    Lean Six Sigma MEDIA


    Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Free Training. Now it’s easier to learn and begin applying Lean Six Sigma so that you can deliver results right away with GoLeanSixSigma.com

    Ease is a leading provider of process performance solutions which enable manufacturers and service providers to meet the increasingly complex demands of the connected world while also lowering their cost of quality.


    For Corporate Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification Programs, Including the Lean Six Sigma Curriculum (Book of Knowledge) contact Steven Bonacorsi, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt by completing the form below.