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ISLSS Social Network Marketing

Contact us if interested in Marketing to our Business Process Improvement Professional Members. We Have a Combined 11 Million Followers.


We help our clients with marketing and promotions into the Lean Six Sigma space. The Lean Six Sigma space includes Operational Excellence, Business Process Management, Business Transformation, Process Excellence, Kaizen, Continuous Improvement,

Management Consulting, Hoshin Kanri, Strategy Execution, Customer Experience, ISO, TRIZ, Innovation, Theory of Constraints, Agile Development, ITIL, Project Management, and many more.

We help our clients communicate their business product and services, Case Studies, Videos, Podcasts, Books, White Papers, Presentations, Articles, Infographics, e-books, Webinars, Online E-Learning, DVDs, Summits, Conferences, Events, Interviews, Blogs, Portals, Surveys, Research, Newsletters, and Ideas with our members.

The International Standard for Lean Six Sigma (ISLSS) is an internationally focused organization dedicated to bringing customized, value based Lean Six Sigma services and products so that you can focus on what matters most: profitability through competitive advantage, minimizing costs and enhancing quality and efficiency.

We specialize in Social Network Marketing worldwide to sites like LinkedIn®, Twitter, Google+1, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Academia, ResearchGate, Alignable, Klout, Instagram, Vimeo, Behance, Goodreads, Ning, Medium, ezine, Adobe Spark, Digg, Vladeo, and hundreds more.

Our experts specialize in Development, Enhancements, or Optimizations in Team
Profiles, Company and Showcase Pages, Groups and Group Management, Network Sharing, Content Marketing, e-mail campaigns, Google Analytics, and Search Engine


  • Over 31,500 Followers
  • 30,000 Direct Connections
  • 150 Pulse Articles
  •  Manages over 50 Groups
  •  Moderator over 100 Groups
  • Admin +300 Showcase Pages
  • +500 Direct Connections
  • Likes and Shares
  • Manages over 30 Groups
  • Moderator over 100 Groups
  • Admin +30 Company Pages
  • +5,000 Direct Connections
  • 10 Pulse Articles
  • Manages over 50 Groups
  • Moderator over 100 Groups
  • Admin +50 Company Pages

Social Networking Media

PEX Network are delighted to announce the introduction of a brand new online event coming off the back of our excellent conference
hosted in Orlando, “OPEX Week: Business Transformation World
Summit”. One of the key themes that arose from the recent conference was how digital disruption is changing the market that we are working in and what the best ways are to deal with a fluctuating and volatile market.

We have hand-picked a series of case studies and thought leadership presentations that will guide you through this period of change and allow you to enhance your business. Taking place between the 10th & 12th April 2018 this exciting online event will allow you to learn from your peers and take part in interactive sessions hosted by industry experts.

Places for this event are limited so please sign up soon to avoid disappointment.

Register for free today

Drive ROI: 3 Tips to Work Smarter by Standardizing Your Processes

Watch the free webinar: find out how JE Dunn achieved process standardization across 20 locations with a new approach to business process management: 

JE Dunn use Promapp to simplify their business process documentation, management and optimization. Promapp’s cloud-based process management software helps teams at JE Dunn to easily and consistently access their centralized set of processes, remove waste and avoid rework that results from errors. These value-added activities and OFIs are searchable, version controlled, and visually engaging. 

Watch the webinar to get JE Dunn’s tips and hints on how to:
1. Make a start
2. Empower front-line teams to build and manage processes
3. Secure organizational support for the best chance of success 


We have the largest social networking reach to business process improvement practitioners worldwide, we help our partners get seen.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your company communicate directly to our members and followers.

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