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Feel “The Joy of Lean” This Holiday SeasonHEADLINE

Pick up a book that will change the way you and your organization think about Lean ( The full title is “The Joy of Lean: Transforming, Leading, and Sustaining a Culture of Engaged Team Performance” -- it’s already on everyone’s gift list for the holidays.

Get your piece of the joy today! There are four ways you can find “The Joy of Lean” online this holiday season:

1. Buy a copy on Amazon at:
2. Click the cover to look inside the Kindle version:

3. ASQ members can buy with a discount at the ASQ Quality Press website:

4. Or contact me by email at the address below, and I’ll send you a free preview of the first chapter.


Has your organization tried Lean already?

If so, you surely see and feel the Joy of Lean in your workplace now, right?

Don’t worry. If you’re not quite to joy yet, you’re not alone.

As it attracts more and more attention as a successful business philosophy, Lean is still sometimes misunderstood as a method for just cutting expenses. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This book shows leaders how to cultivate a positive Lean Culture of excellence that creates value for customers, profitable growth for businesses, sustainable cost reduction, and fulfilling, even joyful jobs for employees.


Pick up a copy for yourself and then order one as a holiday gift for someone else! See more details at:


Praise for “The Joy of Lean”…

“The Joy of Lean provides practical advice that every organization should follow when pursuing a Lean transformation. Dodd Starbird delivers the content in an easy to understand, even humorous way that makes this an important and enjoyable read...”

- Drew Locher, Author of “Lean Office and Service Simplified”

“Dodd Starbird fixes the limitations of most Lean implementations by shifting focus from eliminating waste to achieving excellence – and it's spot on!”

- L. David Marquet, Author of “Turn the Ship Around!”

Enjoy the journey!

Dodd Starbird

Managing Partner

Implementation Partners LLC

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